Micheline brings organizing to a new level. She is knowledgeable and professional and deeply understands how having an uncluttered organized home allows more room for abundance in your life. She is a pleasure to work with because she combines kindness and respect to the emotional difficulty we attach to purging and de-cluttering. She inspires you to maintain the lifestyle path she sets for you, I highly recommend Micheline to accompany you as you find space to live!

Elaine R, Retiree  

Once I made the decision to sell my home I contacted Micheline Dalia Designs.

Micheline assisted me in finding ways to undo the clutter that had annoyed me for years, but I had never taken the initiative to do anything about. Once completed, I felt a sense of calmness that I would be able to focus on the positive aspects that my home had to offer my family and the future owners.

Leslie, full time working mom

I recently moved into a larger home and I to my surprise I had challenges pulling everything together. I never had a problem before.

I have known Micheline for many years and I always loved her style and her. Once working with Micheline, I came to realize that my prospection of space and size was off. I wanted to continue to use some of my current items throughout the house and she showed me how to better balance them.

Micheline purchases some additional pieces the really made the house pop. I loveeeee them all. Micheline work was beyond my thinking. It is styled like a magazine yet it is livable. Thank you Micheline for all your knowledge and experience. My home is just beautiful.

Gail, Fulltime Working Mom

Micheline has been a godsend. I knew I needed some help getting my files in order at work, so I called on Micheline. The moment we met I knew there were tremendous possibilities for improving not just how I work, but also how I live. She made it so easy to uncover where my ‘problem’ areas were.

Through her guidance we have transformed my filing system. I no longer operate with piles of unfiled papers everywhere. Things now have their place and it is a very minor chore to keep it that way.

Micheline has also helped me make tremendous strides in becoming more confident and courageous in setting goals for the future. Thank you for all that you are.

Jean, full time working mom